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LOG_aLevel - Autonomous Remote Sensing of Waterlevels and -Waves


LOG_aLevel Station in a Stormtide
-Network in the Port of Hamburg

LOG_aLevel measures each single wave
up to the breaking point

Sensor-Array with Reference Track
to measure the sound velocity

LOG_aLevel is a complete, remote sensing, stand-alone water level gauge on the basis of ultrasonic sensors. The power is supplied via 12 V DC or 110/230 V AC (optional windgenerator or solar panel).

The system works automatically and is independent of any external connections. High performance ultrasonic sensors guarantee robust, reliable, fast and precise measurements of all kinds of water levels and its dynamics (up to steep waves).

Operations of a LOG_aLevel-Network, consisting of a number of individual installations interconnected by GPRS or other mobile network systems for regional flood alarm/ control, hydrographic survey support, port/terminal operation etc..

LOG_aLevel in Adelaide /Australia

View of LOG_aLevel-Software

Fig above: The Mobile Version of LOG_aLevel


 Case Studies LOG_aLevel and Publications

Case Study Port of Hamburg/Germany

Case Study River Vienne/France

Case Study North Sea/Germany

Brochures and Presentations

LOG_aLevel (PDF, 366 KB) English

Mobile LOG_aLevel (PDF, 370 KB) English

LOG_aLevel for Tsunami(PDF, 380 KB)

Presentation LOG_aLevel (PDF, 2.5 MB)

   Advantages of LOG_aLevel in opposition to mechanical water level gauges:
  • Easy to install
  • Cost effective
  • Robust, reliable and maintenance free
  • Reduced risk of malfunction in case of flood and ice (no frozen level gauges!)
  • Fast measurements (measurement of steep waves is possible)
  • Remote sensing without influence to water surface
  • These facts make the LOG_aLevel System an interesting and cost effective alternative to conventional level monitoring and wave measurement systems.

Housing 300x300x200 mm or 500x500x200 mm stainless steal with lock, seawater resistant IP class up to 67
Mounting of Sensors: Seawater resistant pole (anodized aluminium or stainless steel) with mounting plate
Measuring range: up to 10m (wider ranges see LR version)
Sample rates: from 5 Hz up to 1 value/day
Resolution: 1 mm
Accuracy: 1 cm
Power supply: 12 VDC ( 230/110V AC optional)
Data output RS232 or RS 485
Solar panel: 41Wp up to 180Wp (if required), seawater resistant with high efficiency MPP-charge regulator
Wind Generator: 72 W up to 400 W, seawater resistant with high efficiency MPP-charge regulator
Backup battery: Maintenance free AGM battery, 12 V 7,5 Ah up to 200 Ah (if required)
Data transmission: Radio, telephone modem, GPRS (ranging from remote on/off over status monitoring up to a complete remote control with data transmission over a transparent line and data server @www)
Data aquisition: Low power datalogger with non - volatile memory or CF-Card up to 4 GB
Further sensors: Wind gauge (acoustical or mechanical), complete weather wtaions, e.g Vaisala WXT 510 and other sensors on request
Time: High accuracy GPS - date and time (pps, 1ms accuracy)
Power Supply: Wind generators 25W up to 75W @ 20 knots wind speed
  • Flood warning
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Water level and tide monitoring
  • Coastal protection

   LOG_aLevel can be customised to fit to your needs. Please feel free to ask for further details.

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