Tide Analysis and Prediction Software


TidePredictor is a complete, powerful and userfriendly tool. It allows analysis of tide measurements and current measurements, calculation of harmonic constituent, incorporation of wind speed and barometric pressure data. TidePredictor produces tide prediction tables and graphs based on harmonic analysis. The software incorporates tools for data import with advanced suppression of surge and extreme measurement values.

  • Advantages:

    • TidePredictor guides the user in a step by step procedure, and is thus suitable for both inexperienced but also experienced users (who can use advanced options to optimally configure the processing).
    • With the comprehensive import function the user can import data from various tide gauge types. 
    • The one-click export functions produce report and website ready graphics and tables, simplifying data dissemination procedures and saving time.
    • User friendly
    • Direct input from LOG_aLevel

  • Features:

    • Calculation of harmonic contents
    • Sea level prediction based on harmonic analysis
    • Sea level prediction based on extended algorithms with advanced suppression of surge and extreme measurement values
    • Current Flow analysis and prediction
    • Constituents Table
    • Constituents Graph
    • Elevations Graph
    • Tidal Datum Graph
    • Tidal Calendar
    • Export of tables and graphs for report generation

  • Applications:

    • Hydrographical institutes
    • Support for Coastial Construction Works (Harbour, Breakwater, etc)

  • Downloads: