Portable Sub Bottom Profiler with best in class resolution and sediment penetration for shallow and ultra shallow waters.

ULS Advanced

High speed, calibration-free, remote sensing measurement system, designed for time efficient, very reliable and high resolution wave measurements.

LOG_aLevel (Long Range)

Remote sensing, reliable water level gauge (tide gauge) for wave measurements and Wave Direction Measurements!


Top quality measurement Products

Our focus is to provide as much remote sensing technologies as possible. This results in reliable systems with low maintenance and low cost of ownership.


Specialized expert Services

Apart from installation and commissioning of General Acoustics products and systems integrated by General Acoustics, we also provide specialized services including surveying, consulting and hydrographic data processing. Furthermore, we provide custom monitoring solutions for special tasks.

Software Solutions

Analysis and presentation of ADCP data. Databases for hydrological & meteorological data. Website generation. Early warning and alerting solutions.

Surveying with SUBPRO & DSLP Systems

Surveys using the SUBPRO and DSLP systems, for a highly precise detection of sediment layers, embedded objects and sediment density analysis. Analysis and reporting.

Worldwide Installation, Commissioning & Training

Personnel training, test & trial, installation and commissioning for General Acoustics products and complete hydrological & meteorological systems.

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