EFFICIENT measurement

Hydrologic Labs/Flumes/Model Basins

General Acoustics is a worldwide technology leader for airbone ultrasonic systems for flumes, labs and model basins.

UltraLab ULS Advanced

Remote sensing measurement system, designed for time efficient, very reliable and high resolution wave measurements.

UltraLab ULS HFx Series

Optimized for challenging remote sensing applications in hydraulic laboratories and towing tanks. (4/8/16 synchronized channels)


Miniature echo sounder was developed for highly spatial and temporal resolved measurements of distances in fluids.

UltraLab ULS 40D

Measuring system for laboratories, e.g. for basins, flumes, surface water models and towing tanks.

UltraLab ULS 80D

Designed for the measuring of water surfaces in ship model basins, flumes, hydraulic laboratories and simulation facilities of physical models.