measurements of distances in fluids

UltraLab UWS – Miniature Echo-Sounder

The UltraLab UWS Laboratory Miniature Echo-Sounder was developed for highly spatial and temporal resolved measurements of distances in fluids. The easy to use laboratory measuring instrument UltraLab UWS can be adapted to very different applications by its various functions and configurable parameters. To see the whole product range of our UltraLabs please click on:

  • Advantages

    • Highly sensitive transducer with very narrow beam
    • Very high resolution
    • Detection of smallest targets or changes of the measurement object
    • Small sensor size for use in very small scale applications
    • Simple sensor mounting
    • Measurements parallel or close to objects and walls

  • Features

    • 3D contours with X-Y Traverse
    • Cascaded systems for multiple measurement points

  • Specifications

    Measurement range: Manually adjustable, 2cm to 15 m in water (depending on attenuation of fluid and sound velocity) maximal time span: 32 ms (equal to 23 m in water)
    Power supply: 230 V AC (110 V AC / 24 V DC optional)
    Dimensions: 330x115x260 mm
    Measurement rate: Max. 10 Hz

  • Options

    • Sync interface for very close operation of multiple sensors
    • Sensor cable length up to 400m with external pre amplifier
    • Measurements through container walls with special adapter
    • 2 channel and 4 channel systems

  • Applications

    • Underwater bottom contours or objects
    • Ripple and scour detection
    • Sole and surface water models
    • Hydraulic models, flumes and wave basins
    • Sedimentation and erosion processes
    • Real time sediment transport processes