Single- and Dual Frequency Survey Echo Sounder

SEAPRO233 – Survey Echo Sounder

The SEAPRO233 is a single- and dual- frequency survey echo sounder for hydrographic surveys.

  • Advantages

    • Robust
    • Easy to operate
    • Hypack-ready
    • Adaptive algorithms for high precision bottom tracking
    • High resolution single/dual frequency data display

  • Features

    • Rugged housing
    • High quality Transducers
    • Windows Software

  • Frequencies Low: 33 kHz, High: 200kHz
    Max Range Scale 1500 m @ 33 kHz and 300 m @ 200 kHz
    Units Meters, fathoms, feet selectable
    Output Power Max 650 W RMS, depending on range scale
    Interfaces RS232, RS422, Ethernet
    Output Depth (NMEA 0183 DBT, Hypack
    Input GPS (NMEA-0183 GGA), HRP
    Power supply 220 VAC, 60 Hz
    Display Laptop display (remote), optional with integrated display and keyboard
    Weight (Controller) 6 kg
    Dimensions (Controller) 36 x 18 x 42 cm
    Data Storage SSD data storage for up to 24
    hours with position, date and time auto-tagged
    Classification IMO compliant
    Operating Temperature 0°C+60°C
    Hardware Design Rugged construction

  • Options

    • Optional Positioning system (GPS, DGPS, RTK)
    • Motion sensor (optional)
    • Other transducer frequencies (on demand)
    • Integrated display (optional)
    • Thermal Printer (optional)
    • Sub-buttom capabilities (optional)

  • Applications

    • Hydrographic surveys
    • Oceanographic surveys
    • Geophysical surveys

  • Downloads:

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