Lab Wave Gauges

UltraLab ULS Advanced Field

The UltraLab ULS Advanced Field is the mobile version of General Acoustics’ high performance airborne ultrasonic distance measuring technology for towing tanks and hydraulic labs. It is ruggedized for field applications and features automatic sound velocity correction and advanced signal processing for reliable and effective measurements. The operation is calibration-free for plug and play application in the field. The UltraLab ULS Advanced Field is the General Acoustics system for Wave Direction measurements in the field.
  • Advantages: 

    • Calibration-free
    • Measurements of steep and very fast waves
    • Measurements very close to constructions or ship hulls
    • Very high accuracy & resolution
    • Integrated data logger
    • Windows software for configuration, data viewing, data export

  • Features: 
    • Seawater resistant housing IP class up to 67
    • Data logger

  •  Specifications
    Measuring range: up to 10 m (higher on request)
    Number of channels: 4
    Wave parameters: Hs, Hmax, Ts
    Sample rates (user selectable): up to 20 Hz
    Resolution / Field Accuracy: 0.36 mm / up to 1 cm
    Mobility/weight: Easy to carry and compact, approx. 12kg
    Power supply: 24 VDC  (9-36VDC optional)
    Data output: RS232, LAN, SD-card data logger
  • Options: 

    • Interfaces: RS-485, WLAN, Modbus RTU or TCP
    • Internal battery
    • Time: High accuracy GPS – date and time (pps, 1ms accuracy)
    • Extension for Motion Sensor
    • Extension for Measurement of Wave Direction
    • Extension of measurement range: up to 50m

  •  Applications:

    • Measurement of all kind of waves and high dynamic level changes
    • High resolution wave measurements
    • Fast analysis of waves/ wave fields
    • Wave parameter estimation
    • Measurement from ships, constructions or in large scale models
    • Wave Direction Measurement
    • Offshore Platforms
    • Panamax Class Vessels
    • Hydrology and environmental monitoring
    • Storm tide, flood, tsunami detection
    • Ship-induced waves measurement
    • Harbor management
    • Hydrographic survey support
    • Torrent monitoring
    • Load determination for hydraulic engineering
    • Operation of Offshore Platforms
    • Support of Offshore Construction Work,  Offshore Maintenance and Surveys
    • Optimisation and Safety of Transport and Construction (pipes, cables, foundation etc.)
    • Wave Monitoring and Analysis
    • Integration into or extension to a complete Metstation
    • Load Determination for Offshore Constructions
    • Event Alerting System
    • Hydrology and Environmental Monitoring
    • Local Tide Analysis and Prediction
  • Downloads: