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UltraLab ULS 80D

UltraLab ULS 80D is designed for the measuring of water surfaces in Ship Model Basins, Flumes, Hydraulic Laboratories at Universities and Institutes and Simulation Facilities of Physical Models. It is an easy to handle ultrasonic measuring system, which measures water level and waves fast and precisely. Because of its outstanding accuracy, the small beam angle of <3° and its remote sensing technology almost all kinds of water dynamics (also steep waves) can be measured without interferences or influence to the target. Measurements close to or direct at objects/models are possible. The ULS is easy to handle and due to the wide range of application an universal tool for laboratories.

  • Advantages:

    • Enables the detection of the smallest and most rapid level
    • Measurement of relative velocities between sensor and wave of up to 2 m/s horizontally and 4 m/s vertically                
    • Measurements close to or direct at objects/models
    • Easy integration into existing analog data acquisition systems
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  •  Specifications:
    Measurement channels: 8
    Measurement ranges:
    from 30 mm up to 3.4 m
    Resolution: up to 0,18 mm
    Sample rate: up to 75 Hz
    Output: Analogue 0-10 V
    Optional: Digital RS232 output

    more Specifications:

    • arious sensors measuring from 30 mm up to 3.4 m
    • Simultaneous usage of sensors with different measurement ranges
    • Superior resolution up to 0,18 mm
    • Repetition rate up to 75 Hz
    • Low operation effort


    • 8 channels
    • BNC voltage output (0–10 V)
    • Optional Digital output and software module

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  •  Applications:

    • Optimisation of Ship Models
    • Measurements in Flood- and Water Surface Models
    • Optimisation of Hydraulic Constructions
    • Determination of Wave Parameters
    • Analysis of Wave Fields
    • Measurement of Object Contours