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UltraLab ULS Advanced

Our flagship system for laboratories. It is a high speed, calibration-free, remote sensing measurement system, designed for time efficient, very reliable and high resolution wave measurements. The UltraLab ULS Advanced is optimized for challenging measurement applications in towing tanks and hydraulic laboratories.
  • Advantages:

    • Calibration-free
    • Very high reliability
    • Sophisticated signal processing
    • Outstanding resolution
    • Measurements close to or direct at objects/models
    • Windows software for viewing in real-time, logging, remote control and data export
    • No post-processing necessary
    • Measurements of steep, breaking and very fast moving waves with a relative velocity up to 15 m/s.
  •  Specifications:
    Measurement range:  25, 35, 120 cm
    Superior resolution: 0.18 mm
    Sample rate: 100 Hz (higher on demand)
    Power supply: 230 V (110 V optional)

    4 channel system. Reference sensor REF-300 included in system.

  • Options:
    • analog output
    • 8 channel system
    • options for ware direction measurement
  •  Applications:
    Measurements in towing tanks, flood- and surface water models for:

    • fast analysis of waves and wave fields
    • fast recording of topographic contours in models
    • steep, breaking waves, white water
    • very high resolution measurements
    • highly dynamic wave processes, very turbulent water surfaces
    • relative speeds up to 15 m/s.
    • Wave direction measurements
    • Optimisation of Ship Models
    • Measurements in Flood- and Water Surface Models
    • Optimisation of Hydraulic Constructions
    • Determination of Wave Parameters
    • Analysis of Wave Fields
    • Measurement of Object Contours
    • Steep, small and fast waves
    • Object contours (oil, ice, bodies, etc.)
    • Wave fields around a ship model
    • Wetted surfaces
    • Flood wave propagation
    • Water levels
  • Downloads: