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UltraLab ULS HFx Series

The UltraLab ULS HF 5x series is a high speed, calibration-free measurement system based on General Acoustics’ innovative ultrasound technology.

The systems are optimized for challenging remote sensing applications in hydraulic laboratories and towing tanks.

TheUltraLab ULS HF 54/58/516 systems have 4/8/16 synchronized channels.

  • Advantages:

    • Calibration-free (with REF300 reference sensor)
    • Very high reliability
    • Sophisticated signal processing
    • Outstanding resolution
    • Measurements close to or direct at objects/models  
    • Windows Software for system setting, data viewing, dat exporting
    • No post-processing necessary
  •  Specifications:
    Measurement range: 25, 35, 120 cm
    Superior resolution: 0.18 mm
    Measuring rate: 50 Hz
    Measuring frequency:
    Power supply: 230 V (110 V optional)


    • RS232
    • TTL Sync-Trigger (opto-isolated)
    • BNC output 0-10 V (option)
    • LAN (option)
  • Options:

    • analog output
    • LAN output

  •  Applications:

    • Measurements in wave channels, towing tanks, flood- and surface water models
    • Fast analysis of waves, wave fields and water levels
    • Fast recording of topographic contours in models
    • Optimisation of Ship Models
    • Measurements in Flood- and Water Surface Models
    • Optimisation of Hydraulic Constructions
    • Determination of Wave Parameters
    • Analysis of Wave Fields
    • Measurement of Object Contours
    • Steep, small and fast waves
    • Object contours (oil, ice, bodies, etc.)
    • Wave fields around a ship models
    • Wetted surfaces
    • Flood wave propagation
    • Water levels