best in class resolution and sediment penetration

SUBPRO2545 – Sub Bottom Profiler (SBP)

The SUBPRO2545 is a portable Sub Bottom Profiler (SBP) with best in class resolution and sediment penetration for shallow and ultra shallow waters. The system of our SBP is very low weight and perfectly suitable for small vessels.

The 25 to 45 kHz transmit frequency and transmit power of this Sub Bottom Profiler is user selectable and can be adapted to specific applications. For example for soft sediment, sediment transport applications and upper layers of top sediment. Additionally, the high resolution capability of the SUBPRO2545 enables an outstanding detection of embedded objects. Optional additional receiver of our SBP for even higher spatial resolution and ultra shallow water surveys (starting at 0.5m).

  • For a high sediment penetration Sub Bottom Profiler please see: SUBPRO1210
    • Advantages

      • Very compact size and low weight of system & transducer
      • Suitable for small vessels like ASV, ROV and remote controlled vessels with small payload
      • Complete measuring system and easy to integrate in survey systems
      • Suitable for all sizes of survey-vessels or ships as a portable or in-hull mounted system

    • Features

      • One high quality narrow beam, broad band transducer 25 to 45 kHz for in-hull installation or over-the-side operation
      • SUBPRO-System in IP65 housing (optional 19” housing for 230VAC version)
      • Integrated controller for triggering, transmitting, receiving, amplifying and processing of signals, pps-module for time synchronisation, power supply. System control and realtime
      • coloured graphic display via external or in-boat PC (not included)
      • User friendly Windows Operating Software SUBPRO-Studio incl. raw data logging and real time post/re-processing
      • Transducer cable
    • Specifications

      System:  For ultra shallow water survey starting at 0.5 m water depth
      Frequency:  25 to 45 kHz
      Transmit Power:  up to 2 KW peak (optionally 4kW peak)
      Ping Duration:  80µs to 1ms
      Ping Rate:  up to 20 Hz
      Dynamic Range:  160 dB
      Technical Internal Resolution:  1 mm
      Penetration:  more than 15 m (depending on material
      Power Supply:  24 VDC (optional 230VAC – only in 19” housing)
      Power Consumption:  60 W
      Controller Dimensions: 250 x 300 x 200 mm
      Controller Weight:  5 kg
      Type:  broadband, narrow beam
      Frequency:  25 to 45 kHz, 9° at 25kHz, 6° at 45kHz (diameter 200mm) , 6° at 25kHz, 4° at 45kHz
      (diameter 300mm)
      Dimensions:  200mm x 150mm (optional 300x140mm) 8 kg (optional 18kg)
      Weight:  8 kg (optional 18kg)
      Cable Length:  1m (longer on request)
      Optional Separate receiver:   (100 x 100mm)
    • Options

      General Acoustics e. K. can provide the SUBPRO2545 integrated in various ASV and other vessels. Speak to us about you measurement goals and we can suggest a suitable platform including remote control, positioning and communications systems.

    • Applications

      Suitable for all sizes of survey-vessels or ships as a portable or in-hull mounted system.

      Survey with SUPRO2545 mounted on Seafloor Systems EchoBoat . Data measured with 45kHz pings at the Schwentine river in Kiel. River depth is 2 to 3 meters.