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Doppler Radar – Surface Flow Sensor

Our Doppler Radar Surface Flow Sensor is the ideal sensor for all applications in water flow monitoring and measurement applications. It is particularly suitable for flow measurement in open flumes, rivers and lakes as well as coastal areas. It is an economical solution through versatile and simple mounting options. The flood-proof IP 68 housing ensures a maintenance-free permanent operation. The usage of remote sensing technology eliminates the installation, corrosion & fouling issues associated with submerged sensors. Additionally, accuracy and performance are unaffected by changes in water density and atmospheric conditions.

The Radar Doppler Surface Flow Sensor can be interfaced to either our Water Level Gauge or to the ULS UltraLab Advanced Field controller. For applications where directional surface flow information is needed, a dual Radar Doppler Surface Flow Sensor set and an additional  software module are necessary.

  • Advantages

    • Maintenance-free operation
    • Extremely robust
    • High plant availability
    • High accuracy
    • Results independent of ambient conditions
    • Calibration-free
    • Easily interfaced to LOG_aLevel system
    • Direct interface to ULS UltraLab Advanced Field controller
    • Dual Setup for directional surface flow measurements

  • Interfaces

    • Direct Interface to LOG_aLevel.
    • RS485

  • Specifications

    The specifications depend on the sensor deployment angle.

    Frequency: 24 GHz
    Antenna pattern: horizontal 11° (side-lobe suppression 15dB) vertical 11° (side-lobe suppression 15dB)
    Measurement range: ±0.1 to ±15 m/s (depending on flow conditions ), higher range on demand
    Resolution: 0.05 m/s
    Accuracy: 0.1 m/s
    Distance to water surface: up to 40m (depending on flow conditions)
    Necessary minimum wave-height: 3mm
    Interface: RS-485 (up to 230kBd)
    Power supply: 6.5 … 32 VDC
    Power consumption: 80mA (at 12 VDC)
    Dimensions: 122x120x57 mm
  • Specifications

    Directional Surface Flow

  • Applications

    • Offshore, coastial and inland water flow monitoring
    • Offshore Pltaforms, Jack ups
    • Bridges
    • River monitoring
    • Optimisation of Hydraulic Constructions
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